If you are a business owner or a manager it can be HARD to stay in your seat.

You might be reading this thinking I am crazy. By your seat, I mean your role in the company. You need to do the things that your role needs you to do and trust your employees to do what they need to do.

Micromanaging or doing something yourself does not help anyone, it doesn’t help the company, the employee or even you in the long term. …

Well, 2020 has been one heck of a year. As a small business owner running a small company during a pandemic, this has been a very large learning experience.

In addition to dealing with a pandemic, my small business is a tax and accounting firm. This meant we had to contend with deadline extensions, new legislation, and the need to advise clients on how to continue running their companies in the midst of a pandemic.

Going into this year I had several balls in my court. I started the year off with a plan of what I wanted to accomplish…

This is a hard subject to think about — my first hire. I won’t lie: I am cringing on the inside just thinking about how things went. Hindsight can be terrifying.

Despite the difficulties, my first hire taught me a ton of different lessons. As an aside, lessons are a much better way to phrase mistakes that you make, as long as you learn from them.

Hiring is a giant unknown before you do it. You have all sorts of ideas, notions, and plans on how things are going to work out. …

Toni Cameron

//not// your grandfather’s accountant. Building a small business, one day at a time.

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