If you are a business owner or a manager it can be HARD to stay in your seat.

You might be reading this thinking I am crazy. By your seat, I mean your role in the company. …

Well, 2020 has been one heck of a year. As a small business owner running a small company during a pandemic, this has been a very large learning experience.

In addition to dealing with a pandemic, my small business is a tax and accounting firm. This meant we had to…

This is a hard subject to think about — my first hire. I won’t lie: I am cringing on the inside just thinking about how things went. Hindsight can be terrifying.

Despite the difficulties, my first hire taught me a ton of different lessons. As an aside, lessons are a…

Toni Cameron

//not// your grandfather’s accountant. Building a small business, one day at a time.

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